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Friday, 15 February 2013 14:48

Elements of the "perfect email" outlined

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To get results with the "perfect email", marketers must look into the four essential parts of its construction.

This is according to email marketing specialist Anna Pitts, who in her latest blog at entrepreneur.com stresses the importance of an eye-catching subject line, a warm welcome, concise text and clear sign-off when advertising to potential customers.

Ms Pitts started by explaining how to write "arguably the most important component of the email" - the subject line. Marketers were advised against using spammy-sounding taglines and using multiple symbols to attract attention, as this could be the difference between a place in the inbox or one in the junk folder.

Truthful subject lines are better at encouraging the reader to open up, while a failure to carry through on a promise in the title could cause the recipient to develop a bad impression of the brand.

Following on, Ms Pitts advised companies to get personal within the first few lines. "If you know the person's name, address him or her personally; if not, use 'Hi' rather than 'To whom it may concern'," she wrote.

Doing so should prevent brands from coming across too stuffy and formal in a field where relationships are key.

Marketers were then advised to keep their text as short and concise as possible, as the long and waffling emails are always a massive turn off for the reader.

"Your purpose for writing needs to be clear and presented in a way that will appeal and relate to the recipient," stated Ms Pitts, cited by prdaily.com.

Finally brands were told to make it clear what they wanted the user to do with their send-off, but to avoid coming across as too commanding or, in the worst case scenario, threatening.

Exiting with a "I look forward to hearing from you" with a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ button attached to the signature was deemed the safest approach, while brands should see value in driving interest to their social media channels.