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Thursday, 14 February 2013 14:40

Big data will clash with privacy concerns, analysts say

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Big data companies should prepare for a 'rebalancing' of their relationship with web users, says research company.

Companies who rely on the collection of data such as email marketing firms and online advertisers are on course to clash with privacy concerns according to technology analyst, Ovum.

Pcpro.co.uk reported that online users are becoming more aware of the digital trail and are beginning to use privacy tools as a matter of course.

"More and more consumers are deciding to effectively become invisible in data terms on the Internet," said Principle Analyst for Ovum, Mark Little.

"It will shake the Internet economy as more and more users decide they don't want to be tracked," he added.

The tech research firm revealed that 68 per cent of users would use a do-not-track feature if it was easily available on search engines. Infoworld.com also suggested that there was an ongoing trust gap, with only 14 per cent of users saying that they believed companies were honest with how their personal data was used.

Little said that between tighter government regulation and 'hardening consumer attitude', Big Data companies might have to find new ways of collecting data.

"Data collection companies may need to establish stronger relationships with their customers or offer more incentives for customers to give up personal information," he concluded.