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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:30

DMA survey reveals that email is deemed important by 90% of senior brand marketers

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Almost nine in ten senior brand marketers claim email to be important or very important to their business, according to a survey by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Although a quarter of respondents said they still faced internal barriers to 'achieving greater email marketing success', of the 250 senior brand marketers polled by the DMA for its 2013 National Client Email report, 89 per cent said that email was vital for their organisation.

As such, 56 per cent said that they were 'confident that expenditure on email marketing will increase this year', thedrum.com reports.

The reports revealed some interesting insights about email, which, compared with other channels has remained a top performing channel, by all accounts. Over half of the respondents said that their click, open and conversion rates had increased in 2012, five per cent more than said so in 2011.

Even better, respondents said that email delivered an average return on investment of £21.48 for every £1 they spent last year. This is both positive and no doubt a relief, as for a third of the marketers, email accounts for over half of all digital business revenue.

Dela Quist, chair of the DMA Email Marketing Council's Email Benchmarking Hub told dma.org.uk that the findings confirm 2012 as the year in which 'market-trend defying' email carried the load in terms of delivering revenue.

"This is equally true for our clients, who closed 2012 up on budgets and targets for email but down in other channels. The result of these successes, as the report reveals, is that marketers will be investing even more effort in email in 2013."