iPad use could affect email marketing strategies

Written by  Ashley Curtis Wednesday, 13 June 2012 09:55

The number of iPad users in America is set to almost double this year, according to facts and figures compiled by emarketer.com.

The growth of Apple's iconic tablet shows no signs of stopping as the number of users in the US will rise by over 90 per cent this year to 53.2 million, with the iPad continuing to 'be in the hands of more than three-quarters of all tablets users in the country'.
However, the actual rate of growth is down significantly, with 2011 registering a 143.9 per cent jump in users, and will continue to decline for the future. On the other hand, by 2015, the number of US internet users engaging with an iPad will rise to one-third.
Overall tablet penetration, which encompasses iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and more, will reach 29.1 per cent of internet users by the end of this year, but growth will fall off to 11.9 per cent by 2015.
This provides an interesting scenario for email marketing professionals looking to capitalise on the rise of smartphones and tablets as email correspondence has to be tailored in order to be read effectively on one of these devices.
As a result, subject lines, layouts and text size may have to be altered in order to adapt an email to a device, meaning developers have got some work cut out for them in order to tap into the growing tablet market.
EMarketer additionally highlights that more than half of overall tablet users to be men (54 per cent), but by the end of the forecast period the gender split is 'expected to be even', reports thenextweb.com.