Introduce related topics in email marketing messages

Written by  Paul Smithson Thursday, 02 February 2012 13:08

Email marketing messages should not be restricted to one topic, as related information may be just as interesting to recipients.

That's according to Megan Leap, a Business 2 Community contributor. She suggested that advertisers should get people's attention if they can help solve their immediate problems, but there is no reason why other subjects cannot be tackled as well.

She gave the example of how a social media company might initially send only information related to the social media sector; however, the marketing professionals who are interested in this topic are also likely to read about general public relations issues and search engine optimisation.

In her opinion, any online communication should be about engaging with the customer in a personal way and trying to "delight them.

"After all, buyers don't buy from companies - they buy from people. And every touch point of your marketing, whether that's content, social media, search or email, is an opportunity for your prospects to get to know your organisation and what you stand for," Ms Leap added.

By building up a relationship with customers they should become far more receptive to sales in the future, because of the bond of trust that has been built up over time.

One reason why trust is such an important factor in email marketing was highlighted by technology commentator David DiSalvo in Forbes. He explained that he flatly refuses to follow a link included in an email from an organisation he does not know well.

In his opinion, anything worth seeing should be displayed in the main body of the message, rather than forcing people to worry about security by requiring them to open a separate link or attachment.