India and US still worst offenders for spam email

Written by  David Howells Monday, 21 May 2012 11:28

The US has retained the dubious title of second largest distributor of spam email for the second month in a row, reports.

New results from computer security providers Kaspersky's Lab found that the US remained at second place in its list of biggest spammers, following a jump of 18 places in March.
The report - which saw India named as the worst offender - suggests that the increase in spam originating in America could be a more long-term issue than many had originally suggested.
India was said to account for 11.2 per cent of all the spam messages sent, whilst the USA posted a score of 8.5 per cent. Vietnam (7.1 per cent), Korea (6.5 per cent) and China (6.1 per cent) completed the top five. Great Britain, meanwhile, was in 17th place, accounting for just 1.5 per cent of the total spam content.
Overall, the total number of spam emails sent also saw a rise, increasing by 2.2 per cent to total 77.2 per cent of all emails. The figures illustrate just how much spam is sent on a daily basis and why it is important for brands using email marketing to ensure they know how to cut through the noise and effectively reach their customers.
Despite the rising spam levels, Kaspersky's senior spam analyst Maria Namestnikova believes that it could soon see a decline as cybercriminals turn their attention elsewhere.
"Phishing attacks will likely focus on social networking sites, and possibly online games," she told "As summer vacation is upon us, students on break from school will be more active online. While these users tend not to have bank accounts, they do spend a lot of time on social networks and other online entertainment."