Images can be troublesome for email marketers

Written by  Paul Smithson Monday, 05 December 2011 13:47

It is important that companies do not use too many images in their email marketing campaigns, as they can cause problems.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Corey Babka explained that the key should be to reel people in with selected pictures, rather than bombard them with graphics.

Babka also underlined the importance of not including text as images, since these will often not be downloaded automatically by email service providers - which can leave a message looking unprofessional and full of empty boxes.

"Let's face it, pictures are usually worth more than the words on the page. That's who we are, we love pictures. However, the tendency is to have way too many images that then become 'marketing noise'," added the digital marketing expert.

As well as limiting the number of images in emails, people may want to cut spam-related words such as 'free' and 'money' from messages, since Babka said they can be a one-way route to the recipient's junkmail inbox.

Laura Atkins, co-founder of anti-spam firm Word to the Wise, added on Practical Ecommerce that consumer input can be very important when it comes to determining which messages are spam and which are relevant emails.

She explained that when a person presses the 'this is spam' button that most service providers feature, their feedback is included in a wider algorithm that decides which email addresses are sending unwelcome messages.