How to handle marketing convergence

Written by  Paul Smithson Thursday, 02 February 2012 09:59

A marketing expert has explained what marketing convergence is and how to respond to it.

Writing for Econsultancy, guest blogger and innovations director at research organisation Sky HQ Caroline Morris explained that modern consumers have a habit of multi-tasking, which is why the convergence of marketing disciplines has come about.

She described how firms must make sure that a company's whole advertising team is working as a team, so the content of an email marketing campaign should be echoed on other media, such as on social networks and television.

Ms Morris also recommended collecting plenty of data to understand customer activity and advised against resting on laurels, as the technology industry moves so fast.

Reflecting on consumer behaviour, she remarked: "I might be chatting to friends online about a wedding invitation I've just received via my laptop, receiving a text message on my smartphone all whilst watching TV. Channels are converging due to new technology and a shift in consumer behaviour, and we need to keep up."

Vanguard reporter Princewill Ekwujuru accepted that having extra media to think about as part of a complete marketing strategy is a challenge for firms, but suggested such progress is simply a reflection of the "sophisticated" modern consumer.

He noted that plenty of companies have reacted to this change, but there are a great deal more that may be left behind if they do not take on board the multi-channel approach. 


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