Gmail to feature translate option

Written by  David Howells Wednesday, 02 May 2012 10:04

Google's Gmail platform will now be able to translate emails automatically into the user's language of choice, reports.

Earlier this year it emerged that Google's translate feature on its search engine translated the equivalent of one million books a day. The hugely successful feature now looks set to be rolled out to its email facility, with users now able to translate foreign-language messages automatically.
The news may be welcomed by international businesses which use widespread email marketing campaigns, as it could enable them to send the same message to Gmail accounts across the world without worrying about getting it translated.
Google first introduced the message translate feature back in 2009 in its Gmail Labs project, with users given the chance to enable the feature from a tab under settings. The feature is now being rolled out on a larger scale, with automatic translation enabled for users around the world.
The search giant explained how the wider roll-out came from positive feedback it received following the smaller trial three years ago.
The new set-up will offer users the chance to translate emails via a header that reads 'translate message'.
Explaining the information in a post on, product manager at Google Translate Jeff Chin explained: "Some people just wanted to easily read newsletters from abroad.
"Another person wrote in telling us how he set up his mom's Gmail to translate everything into her native language, thus saving countless explanatory phone calls (he thanked us profusely). I continue to use it to participate in discussions with the global Google offices I often visit."