Getting marketing message right involves self-reflection

Written by  Paul Smithson Thursday, 12 January 2012 14:16

Firms must assess their business offering to come up with a great marketing message.

Katy Cowan, a volunteer that runs the Creative Boom website, wrote on The Guardian Culture Professional Network that advertising executives should think about their unique selling point, slogans and everything else that makes up their brand.


Before starting to send out email marketing and other promotional communication, she suggested that it can be worthwhile to think about how the business should be positioned and how the consumer will see the firm.

Ms Cowan urged people to do plenty of research, saying: "Look at your skills and expertise. Uncover whether you have any niche customers, audiences or potential niche markets. Think about what you could be offering to target those markets."

In her opinion, putting together a sound marketing plan is a critical part of having a successful business, as it makes an organisation really think about their position.

An example of how insufficient focus on marketing can affect a firm was reported in The Register, which highlighted how British company Computer Concepts launched at the same time as Microsoft.

While the US brand has gone on to become one of the most well-known brands in the world, the UK organisation is a subsidiary of a German corporation and employs 25 people. The latter's founder Charles Moir readily admits that his team prioritised engineering over advertising, saying that their promotional activity had "never been great".