Get "creative" with email marketing, writer urges

Written by  Deborah Bates Tuesday, 13 March 2012 09:33

A writer has urged marketers to get "creative" with their email marketing campaigns, in a bid to further improve their engagement.

Frances Allen made her "appeal" after having to spend a lot of time deleting an inordinate amount of junk emails she had been sent of late. Email marketers seemingly took advantage of big holidays like Valentine's Day and Allen's inbox reflected this.

"Sadly, not one e-mail headline broke through and grabbed my attention," Allen said. "Sure, there was plenty of the obviously talk about free shipping... but I don't not see anything that made me stop, open the email, listen to what the brand had to say."

This is unfortunate, she said; advising that offering these discounts only motivate a small group of people - those who have already decided to buy and are just waiting for that extra incentive to move ahead. Avoiding this can be easy though; particularly if marketers take the time to personalise their emails.

"Let's get interesting and engaging again," Allen suggested. "Let's stand out again in this email space and be creative, original and compelling with our consumers, instead of just trying to rent a customer one month at a time."

Although Allen's comments are well worth taking notice of, the work doesn't end there for email marketers, according to

It recently confirmed that it can be all too easy to break any laws or best practice concerning marketing emails - such as not allowing recipients to opt out of an email chain, or being deceptive about the objective of the message.