Entice email marketing customers with succinct prize descriptions

Written by  Paul Smithson Wednesday, 14 March 2012 09:30

It is vital to offer a succinct description of incentives if people want to see their email marketing subscriber list grow, an expert has claimed.

Senior contributing editor at Practical Ecommerce Armando Roggio highlighted how some companies do not put enough effort into the graphic for their newsletter sign-up icon.

In his opinion, it does not need to be long, but it should include enough information to give them a reason to sign up; perhaps because of the guidance being offered or a discount available.

Mr Roggio said: "Too many ecommerce sites include an email newsletter form as an afterthought, placing it at the bottom of the page and, effectively, doing nothing to promote it. If the only explanation offered for the form is 'Get Our Newsletter,' why would anyone bother?"

Once a user has signed up, it is important not to scare them off with the messages you send them. In a piece for JDSupra, TopLawyerCoach.com pointed out that it is easy to send too many emails.

The legal training provider stressed that the best way of securing reader engagement is to focus on delivering value, an attention-grabbing headline and an aesthetically pleasing design. By doing so, an email newsletter should have a better chance of being well-received.