Email marketing is a must for new entrepreneurs

Written by  Joe Elvin Wednesday, 30 November 2011 10:08

Email marketing is a must for both experienced entrepreneurs and those new to running a business, it has been claimed.

Rachel Hyun Kim, who has only recently began targeting customers for her business using the channel, has encouraged others to use email marketing both to inform consumers of new events and to encourage repeat business.

Addressing new business owners who may be daunted by the channel in an article for, she said: "Although email marketing campaigns have been utilised my many larger corporations for some time, many small businesses are still shying away from the idea.

"As a new entrepreneur I will admit, the whole concept seems a bit overwhelming. However, once you really understand how it works and how to run this type of campaign, you will find that it is both simple and worthwhile."

Kim advised those new to email marketing to ensure that they use quality content, test emails, social media and quality email marketing software in order to kick-start their campaign appropriately.

Brian McConnell, who is commercial director of an independent email marketing company, is another practitioner who has been offering advice to beginners recently.

In an article for, he highlighted the importance of utilising behavioural email to appropriately target customers.

"Only a small proportion of online marketers run the most basic behavioural email programs. These programs can have a huge impact on marketers' ROI," he said.