Email marketers should separate mobile and desktop recipients

Written by  Paul Smithson Thursday, 12 April 2012 15:14

A different email marketing approach is needed when targeting mobile readers and desktop readers, an expert has claimed.

Steve Olenski, a freelance blogger, wrote on Forbes that advertisers need to think about what type of message will appeal to these groups in the context of the platform they are reading the email on.
In his opinion, email marketing will always be an effective marketing tool, but it is important to realise that this medium is no longer "tethered" to a desktop or laptop; which should prompt changes in the way advertisers treat their recipients and the calls to action included in messages.
Mr Olenski suggested the world has entered a "post-PC" state in which the fixed computer has lost some market share to other devices. He said: "Yes I realise email is email but reading to and responding to and acting upon a mobile email is different than doing so on a PC or Mac."
His sentiment was echoed by Econsultancy editor Graham Charlton, who accepted that this shift creates a "challenge" for marketers and called on them to respond to the change by adapting their messages to fit the audience in question.
Mr Charlton claimed that this first step towards getting on top of the situation would be to find out what proportion of emails are opened by subscribers on mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. He suggested this figure will vary between different industries and companies, highlighting how a number of case studies he looked at had differing rates.