Email marketers must consider mobile users

Written by  Paul Smithson Friday, 25 November 2011 11:10

If email marketing firms want to reach modern consumers, they must design their messages with mobile users in mind, as well as conventional web users.

Writing for Memeburn, Georgia Christian explained that this means considering how smartphone customers navigate their relatively small screens and read the content.

She urged online firms to consider factors like font size, rendering, layout and the placing of links, as consumers must be able to see the information on show, as well as pursue a call to action if their curiosity is piqued.

Ms Christian claimed the growth in mobile visitors is an opportunity for email marketers, adding: "How much can you do online without divulging your email address? That's right, not much. Which is why email marketing remains one of the top-performing digital marketing strategies."

The importance of mobile customers was recently discussed by Clickz writer Liana Evans, who declared that the time has come when firms can no longer rely solely on getting traffic solely from desktop computers.

She echoed Ms Christian's advice by encouraging companies to do plenty of tests regarding how content looks on a variety of mobile screens, while also avoiding certain technology that has a habit of not being compatible, such as Flash Player.