Email expected to become more collaborative

Written by  Joe Elvin Friday, 30 December 2011 16:16

The next big innovation with email will be to make it more collaborative, it has been predicted.

Mimecast CEO Neil Murray has claimed that whilst email is likely to remain the leading form of digital communications for some time, those responsible for improving the medium could certainly learn from social media's superior use of collaboration.

Explaining his views in an interview with BBC News, Murray claimed that email is currently the only standard universally agreed as a collaborative medium.

As such, everyone who regularly uses email, from working professionals to those utilising email marketing software, are able to benefit from its popularity.

However, he added: "[Email is] not acceptable in its current form. The evolution, I would expect, from email is that it become much more collaborative, and much more transparently viewed.

"If you think as the far extreme of transparency, and the current traditional email as the least transparent medium and very closed down, I see email as morphing into a broader capability, transparent, project-centric sharing system."

Murray also claimed that cloud-based email will soon be evolving on near-daily basis rather than introducing new features every few months or years.

According to, he stated that email has no choice but to evolve rapidly because it used so regularly by so many people.


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