Dynamic content could go either way experts suggest

Written by  Deborah Bates Friday, 03 February 2012 08:54

The rise of dynamic content within email marketing could go either way, potentially "scaring" recipients or actively encouraging engagement with the sender.

That's the opinion of Simon Hill, writing on behalf of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Hill explained that marketers using dynamic content could, for example, create an email that changes depending on the time of the day and location of the recipient.

It could be a marketing email for a restaurant, which has breakfast offers displayed when opened in the morning and dinner offers when opened in the evening; intuitively adapting throughout the day.

However this could impact upon each recipient differently. Cited by Dmaemailblog.com, Hill warned: "Obviously more targeted content is going to lead to better engagement of the users but would varying content actually work? It may scare and confuse the recipient and lead to reduced click through rates.

"Only time will tell," the expert added. However email marketers may want to push ahead with their dynamic content plans anyway, given that companies who are innovative in their approach could experience the greatest success.

According to the latest Email in Action survey from Econsultancy, those utilising such marketing streams must recognise that "online behaviours are changing in a profound way".

The organisation revealed that this means any email strategies must be re-visited; potentially to measure their success in the ever-changing online environment, Econsultancy.com reported.