Copywriter urges marketers to be bold with their messages

Written by  David Howells Thursday, 07 June 2012 13:40

A copywriting expert has spoken of the content that marketers need to ensure is used in their email campaigns.

Writing for, Cynthia Edwards recognised the traits evident in email users and just how marketers can use these to their advantage.
One of Edwards' main tips was to ensure contact is established quickly and effectively. At the inbox, users give no more than two seconds to each email, whilst after they open a message, there is just 20 seconds to make an impact.
The time limits, Edwards claimed, should prompt brands using email marketing to do all they can to establish a connection quickly. The email itself should have clearly-written content and should get the message across as quickly as possible.
"Select crisp, colourful words and phrases that work hard - words that are fraught with meaning, carry a punch or elicit an emotional response," Edwards suggested. "You can be funny, challenging, winsome, inspirational or deadly serious, but never dull."
Edwards went on to explain that people often skim content in emails, so writing for them is the best way to get a message across. Hiding the email's message in large swathes of text will only see it lost, whereas having bold mooring lines will guarantee the main thrust of the message is received.
Concluding, Edwards told "Writing for email is both a science and an art. Your challenge is to understand the channel intimately, and deliver copy that brings results. Keep it simple and strong and you'll do well."