B2B marketers plan to diversify strategies

Written by  Deborah Bates Wednesday, 18 April 2012 09:38

An increasing number of business to business (B2B) marketers are planning to diversify their strategies in a bid to generate more leads.

That's according to the results of a survey undertaken by BtoB Magazine, which found that 77 per cent will adapt their strategy to help boost their sales.
This is because some 63 per cent are concerned that their current strategy doesn't work as effectively as it could, Topnewstoday.org confirmed; perhaps meaning that more marketers will switch up the way they are using social or email marketing to boost their efforts. A whopping 88 per cent said they would utilise email within their brand promotion efforts, which is a big priority for over half of those surveyed.
Despite the fact that so many are utilising email marketing, they aren't measuring the results properly. Some 40 per cent called "accurate measurement" a real challenge and over one-quarter admitted they don't track where their leads have come from at all. However to gain the full ROI and potential from such techniques, measurement is key.
Forbes.com, which cited the findings, suggested that in order to help their B2B marketing efforts create the right leads, marketers need to take a "customer-centric approach". The content they push out needs to be "compelling" enough to catch a potential customer's eye and also, has to be measured continuously in order to help them do better in the future.
The only way to achieve this measurement is to embrace the ever-changing technology that accompanies marketing, the article concluded: "Survival today depends on accepting change. Success tomorrow will depend on driving change."