2012 resolutions for email marketers revealed

Written by  Deborah Bates Wednesday, 14 December 2011 09:44

Making time to test, putting effort into engagement and undertaking competitor analysis are just some of the five key New Year's resolutions email marketers should make.

That's according to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Margaret Farmakis, who revealed her top five resolutions on DMAemailblog.com.

The first - making time to test - is "fundamental" and "essential", she stated. Farmakis believes it is the only way to determine the best methods in which to create the greatest impact possible with an email marketing campaign. In addition to this, marketers should resolve to track their metrics, in order to keep a regular eye on their performance.

"For most marketers, this includes some combination of deliverability, open, click-through and conversion rates," the expert advised. "I continue to be amazed by the number of companies I come in contact with that are blindly sending email without any capabilities for tracking response rates."

What's more, making engagement a key focus is vital too. The whole point of a marketing email is to convince the recipient to take action; however if consumers have lost interest and therefore become disengaged, it's important marketers take matters into their own hands, said Farmakis.

"Understanding what keeps your subscribers engaged over the long term will be increasingly important for getting delivered to the inbox, staying there and maintaining high levels of activity."

Touching base with any inactive consumers should be top of the list as well; in addition to keep up with what any competitors are doing, Farmakis revealed - also cited by Topsy.com.