BrotherMailer Special Operations

Written by Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00

BrotherMailer are known for going above and beyond in our support but did you know we can help your team with the more complicated areas of email marketing on site? 

Data migration, automation and the setup of email programmes are a perfect example of jobs that can be done on a one off basis by our special operations team. 

How does Apple's iOS 11 affect email marketing?

Written by Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00

In September Apple released their new iOS11, and this has brought a few changes to the Apple Mail app.  Here's what you need to know.

Almost 50% of mobile users are now iPhone users, so all marketers must ensure they understand the new operating system.

There have been some design changes, such as bolder fonts, redesign of the apps and a new look lock screen, but the main features which email marketers need to be aware of are these;

An easy click email is a tool which marketers can use to increase conversions by simplifying the user experience. 

Most of us will have received one of these little gems, I myself received one recently after a trip away, a simple 1 click email from, was I happy or not with my experience.  It boiled down to a very simple happy face or sad face.

One of the main benefits of the easy click email is that we can respond on a mobile device, which we all know has become the preferred device for checking emails.  A second benefit of the two answer question makes it very easy for us to segment the data.

During the holidays most people receive a huge amount of Christmas based emails, and somehow you have to stand out in the crowd, however there are a few tips which should help you get ahead.

All email campaigns should focus on some extent to clients past behaviour and/or purchases, but the festive season offers the perfect opportunity to give special incentives and rewards to the "best behaved" readers.

When sending seasonal campaigns, it is also important to watch engagement rates and also to make the unsubscribe button more visible than usual.

About half of European check their work email at least once a day, even when they are on holiday, reports

New research from, a travel agent, has found that many European professionals can not bear to be away from work for a long time, even when they are on holiday abroad. As a result, many will connect to emails from work to keep up with the changes, even if it means incurring roaming charges.

A new survey carried out by the CMO Council has revealed that many B2B marketers are not going about things the right way.

Despite an average cost of about a quarter of its budget being dedicated to content marketing, most are still focusing on sales and not on content.

The key to email marketing

Written by Friday, 03 April 2015 00:00

The content of email marketing must create three emotions from the reader confidence, joy and anticipation, an expert has said.

Writing for, a teacher in the field of email marketing, Christine Brady explained that to succeed, email campaigns should make a real emotional connection with the reader. This can not be any emotion, however, as it has to make the reader feel happy, but also give them the desire to return for more.

To do this successfully, Brady says we need to make sure our emails leave the reader with a sense of confidence, joy and anticipation.

Google Apps users can now import emails and contacts from other systems as well as from other Google accounts

This means that marketing messages snet by e-mail to an account hosted on one of Google's rivals, such as Hotmail, could be pulled through to their Google Apps account if the user decides to do so. Previously, this option was not available for users of applications in the public sector for organizations and businesses, reported's David Meyer.

Mobile Email Marketing News

Written by Friday, 20 March 2015 00:00

Companies must consider mobile users in their email marketing campaigns, as more people are beginning to use their smartphones to access the Internet.

A report done by Nielsen found that more than half of email users check their inbox on their smartphones or tablets at least once a day. However, research published in discovered that 80 percent of mobile users found that accessing emails on their mobile can be more difficult than desktop devices.

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