Glossary of Email Marketing Terms

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Ideal Customer Profile
The Ideal Customer Profile is based upon Firmographic and Demographic information as well as buying behavior of an ideal customer for a product or service, generally as defined by Sales. It is also the basis upon which Demand Generation programs are
Inbound Link
A link which leads traffic to your website from another website.
Interactive marketing
This form of marketing enables you (the marketeer) to engage with and gain an indepth understanding of your clients. Interactive marketing allows you to address a prospect as individuls and remember what that prospect does/says in response. You can also address the prospect, in all interactions, in a manner that lets them know that your organisation recalls/understands what he or she has previously revealed.
Built by Apple - an Internet-enabled smartphone which combines mobile phone and wireless internet capabilities, together with the features and function of an iPod. Newer models include 3G capabilities and a built-in GPS.
An acromym for Internet Service Provider; companies which provide access to the Internet, host data, or do both. There are two types of ISP: - Access ISPs: These connect customers to the Internet using copper, wireless or fiber connections. - Hosting ISPs: These lease server space for smaller businesses and host other people servers (colocation).

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