Glossary of Email Marketing Terms

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A graphic display generated by marketing software, analytics packages, blog software, and CRM systems for summarising activities and/or results campaigns.
Data Hygine
The degree to which the data in a database is accurate and consistent according to a data model and data type.
Data Watchdog

Data Watchdog is an email marketing tool available to BrotherMailer users. Data Watchdog maximises your email delivery rates and protects sender reputation by actively preventing BrotherMailer users from mailing to data which could cause complaints and issues, as well as by quarantining any 'high risk' files prior to upload.

 Data Watchdog scans every email uploaded, then uses complex algorithms in order to detect data collected without adequate permissions.

Database Marketing
The use of prospect or customer information which is stored in an electronic database. The Data is used for targeted marketing activities in order to create better-tailored, better-timed offers which will maximize sales success and customer retention.
De-duplication (De-dupe)
The identification, merging and removal of duplicate names and addresses from a database.
The predicted success rate for delivering emails to a database/list. Affected by factors such as CAN-SPAM compliance, sender reputation,Data Hygiene, whitelisting,blacklisting, etc.
Demand Generation
The holistic term, encompassing Lead Generation and Lead Management, all marketing and sales activities involved in contacting potential buyers, guiding them through the buying process and closing the sale.
Externally measurable characteristics of potential buyers such as age, gender, race, education and income level.
Direct mail
Marketing tool which delivered directly to a prospective purchaser an advertising via the Postal Service or a private company.
Dynamic Content
Email, website or blog content which changes frequently to engage the viewer. Dynamic content can include animations, video or audio and can be highly targeted.

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