Glossary of Email Marketing Terms

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CRM is the acronym for customer relationship management. CRM involves all aspects of interaction between a company and customer, whether sales or service-related. CRM enables businesses to: - Win new clients and contracts - Increase profitably - Decrease customer management costs - Understand the customer - Retain customers through better customer experience - Attract new customers CRM is most commonly used to describe a business-customer relationship, but may also refer to the management of business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads. CRM solutions provide customer data to enable businesses to provide services or products that customers want, improved customer service, deliver more effective cross-sell and up sell, close deals, retain customers and understand who the customer is. Technology and the Web has changed the way companies approach CRM strategies: Technological advances have changed consumer buying behavior to offer new ways in which companies can communicate with customers and collect consumer data. A good CRM system will collect, manage and link information about the customer with the aim of letting you market and sell services effectively and enable you to personalise online experiences (mass customisation) through tools such as help-desk software, different types of enterprise applications and e-mail organizers.

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