Free Email Marketing Templates

The BrotherMailer template system enables companies of all sizes to manage consistent professional communications without the need fro constant design resource or technical expertise.

Like letter headed paper, email marketing templates enable you to build a set defined outline for your communications, but better still, design once, and then build all communications going forward within the fantastic easy editor which enables you to insert content, images, links and even dynamic content with basic computer skills.

Below we have some free email marketing templates as examples which you can download for free and test upload into BrotherMailer (or edit in your preferred design package). With template usage you save time, resource and money. Why not time yourself and see how long it takes to build a professional email campaign from a well designed free template and amaze your colleagues?

Benefits of the email marketing template include:-

  • simple to build professional emails for any level of user
  • consistency of design
  • huge reduction in design cost (agency or in house professional HTML design)
  • Massive reduction in time taken to build your email campaigns from end to end in the process. A user can have an email ready to go literally in 5 minutes
  • assurance that the structure of the mail meets best practice for performance and deliverability. 
  • Integration of dynamic content or personalization into templates needs only be done once.
  • Very easy for triggered sends

There are hundreds like this included in the platform.  We hope you enjoy playing with these free email marketing template resource.