Creating your email campaign

Can I automate processes?

Absolutely yes. This is a main strength of the system. The BrotherMailer Email Marketing platform is integrated within a number of existing systems and processes to manage the email activity with as little human interaction as possible. We can build all API / dynamic / triggered requirements, just ask!

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Can I add attachments, embed video and animated gif files etc?

A: It is not advisable to put script for video in emails, please see our article on video embedding for in-depth information and advice. In a nutshell. this sort of script will lead to a significant proportion of your bulk emails being blocked by inbox spam filters and anti-virus software.

It is usually best to create a splash page for your website on which your video can be viewed, use your email campaign to drive traffic to the microsite or splashpage. BrotherMailer is set up to show you exactly who clicked on what and when, so you will get better data from your campaign and a deeper understanding of your recipients behaviours and motivations.