Frequently Asked Questions - Creating and managing your mailing lists

FAQs - Creating and managing your mailing lists
Can I import email lists which I have bought in/ export email lists from my current software?

BrotherMailer supports CSV files. This means that BrotherMailer will integrate with the vast majority of companies and software out there.

How do people unsubscribe?

It is really important to give your subscribers the chance to unsubscribe, which is why every BrotherMailer email campaign is checked before sending to ensure there is an unsubscribe link present. Recipients can click this go to a web page where they are asked to confirm their wish to opt-out. Once this happens, the recipient is automatically unsubscribe - you do not need to worry as this process ensures they will be removed from the relevant list.

You can also choose to export a list of unsubscribes, quickly and easily, from within BrotherMailer. This is a great way to manage any offline lists you have as BrotherMailer will export in the format you choose.

BrotherMailer helps you protect your sender reputation, keep out of Spam folders and stay off ISP blacklists in several ways. The BrotherMailer data watch dog is set up so you won\'t risk re-uploading any emails which have previously unsubscribe. It is good practice, however, to take care to delete unsubscribes from your own records if you are keeping separate information locally.

Web programmers have the added advantage of being able to use BrotherMailer API to unsubscribe users.

How much data can my address books hold?

You can choose the amount of storage you need when you sign up to BrotherMailer. This way you only pay for what you use. You can even integrate BrotherMailer with your own existing CRM system, so you can use data stored outside of brotherMailer in order to send your campaigns.