Frequently Asked Questions - Compliance, Security and Delivery

FAQs - Compliance, Security and Delivery
Why should I choose BrotherMailer (UK-based provider) instead of an overseas service?

There are three good reasons not to use an overseas email service provider:

  1. Spam: One of the things spam filters may check for is the origin of your email. Some overseas servers are considered less secure, with the vast majority of spam emails originating from providers in the USA. This is due partly to the fact that overseas providers will not be bound by the data protection act, but also (for UK subscribers/clients) because overseas malpractice is much more difficult to fight. For these reasons, emails sent from overseas servers are more likely to get caught up in spam filters.
  2. Support: BrotherMailer offers personal customer service during UK office hours. We are friendly, helpful and really easy to get hold of when you need us. You can even drop in and have a cup of tea with us if you happen to be in town!
  3. Global Deliverability: The UK is recognised for tighter and more professional use of data and responsible database marketing. Email marketers using UK servers benefit from the UK email marketing culture, which has an emphasis on targeting emails to addresses belonging only to those who have opted-in to receive them. In this way UK based platforms have two significant advantages - our servers are much less likely to be \'blacklisted\' by ISPs, and we can provide interfaces with all the tools compliance functions needed to achieve a 100% delivery rate.

 (…It is also a good ida to take a close look at the features on offer from overseas providers, the level of tracking and the depth of reporting is worth checking up on…)

How will BrotherMailer prevent my email being blocked as spam?

BrotherMailer gives you all the tools an guidance you need to stay out of pam folders! There is no one factor that will get your email blocked. This means there is no one way to prevent your email ending up in a spam folder. Spam filters generally work on a \\\'points\\\' system and much of this depends on the content of the email. Test sends and spam checking are all available when you send your campaining using BrotherMailer. Read our helpful advice documents or get in touch if you want to talk to an account manager.

BrotherMailer is a recognised by large email providers, such as AOL, Hotmail etc. as a responsible sender. We take great care to conform to industry best practice guidelines as well as the technical specifications of large email providers. BrotherMailer client campaigns are fully traceable back to us, this means our clients benefit from our good reputation. Importantly, we also take great care to ensure our clients are not able to harm their own reputation, that of our other client senders or the BrotherMailer reputation. We do this by putting actions in place on the platform which prevents spam from being sent out. This protects you, and all our clients, from being tarred by association with non-compliant senders.

How secure is BrotherMailer?

Your BrotherMailer account is password-protected and unique to you. BrotherMailer is used by large public bodies as well as financial institutions, for this reason, you can be assure that our security systems are specified to match.
BrotherMailer does not accept \'blind\' web sign-ups, this is why we won\'t sign you up by just your credit card details or PayPal account. We do enforce a strict anti-spam policy, which helps to protect our clients from association with less reputable email marketers.

BrotherMailer is a UK company and as such, we are bound by the Data Protection Act to keep your data private and secure. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more.

Am I legally compliant?

If you are managing email through an off the shelf package on your servers, hosting from a US company or just managing via your email client (outlook etc) then the chances are you are struggling to be compliant with EU data protection requirements. BrotherMailer manages all requirements quickly and easily.  

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