BrotherMailer SalesForce Integration

The Brand new built in Salesforce connector will allow you to create targeted email campaigns without even leaving your Salesforce account.

It has never been easier to integrate your Salesforce CRM system with your Email Marketing Campaigns.

With our 1 click, turnkey integration you get:

  • A two way data sync
  • The power to segment your data, based on data from the reporting
  • Manage your email marketing campaigns without leaving your Salesforce account
  • Get real-time reporting in your Salesforce account

This will save you time and help maximize the ROI of your email campaigns and increase the power of your Salesforce CRM system.

View the video below to see how SalesForce integration works for your business.

Call your Account Manager on +44 (0)20 8774 7148 or email us, to activate BrotherMailer SalesForce integration for your account.