Wednesday, 24 October 2012 11:51

Beating that last barrier

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

So we know that before you hit the spam filters, you must pass a few barriers, if you have a good reputation they are easy, if your reputation is not so good, you will struggle. But although you have to pass the ‘Suppression list’, the ‘Authentication’ wall and the ‘Reputation’ wall before you get to the ‘Content filtering’ wall, but there are still rules that you need to abide by once you get to that last wall as ultimately, it has the last say whether you go into the inbox, junk or nothing at all.

The Content filter works in a very simple way. If it see’s something that it doesn’t like it will give you points, if you get too many points your email will be classed as spam and you will not be let in.

Here are 5 area’s which it is very easy to pick up these unwanted points:

The first thing that the ISP will check is your SUBJECT LINE. There are a few things that will quickly pick you up points in the subject line: The word ‘Free’, or anything like ‘Cheapest product half price when you spend £100’.

Personalising your subject line will go a long way in the eyes of the content filter barrier.

The next thing that the filter will assess is the FILE SIZE of your email. We recommend that you do not exceed 100KB, that is because you can make a great looking, image rich email in under that and 100KB or under will be sure to fly through the filter. Going slightly over is not going to get your email spammed but if you keep on re-offending it could cause you trouble.

A way to lower the file size is to not have any text as images, have text as text, the BrotherMailer EasyEditor has hundreds of fonts so that you can make your text fit the rest of your email. Also the ratio of images must never surpass 50%.

The CONTENT in your email is where you can pick up a lot of points, not necessarily in bulk, but a few can be picked up here and there. For example real simple points like keeping the same font throughout the whole email. If the same type of text, keep the same font size and colour. Try to stay away from using BOLD and/or CAPITAL words/sentences half way through a paragraph.

When LINKING, try and avoid putting the URL in the email, put in some simple text, or a sentence with ‘Click here’ at the end. It looks neater, more professional and will not gain you any points at all.

UNUSUAL CONTENT will bump up your points pretty rapidly too, for example anything that you would not put in a formal letter: symbols or exaggerated exclamation marks.

Follow these five simple points from now on and never hit a junk box again.