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Email marketing takes dedication

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Email marketing can be great way to reach customers but only if firms give their campaigns the dedication it needs to succeed, cites

That's the advice handed out by email marketing expert Kate Kiefer Lee, writing for, who believes that small businesses need to make it easy for consumers to sign up to a mailing list. By posting it on the homepage, blog and Facebook page, a firm can increase its reach.

Furthermore, sending a welcome email is generally a smart way to start a relationship with a consumer.

She says: "It's always smart to remind people why they're on your list and reassure them that good things are in store. You might even send new subscribers a special offer or exclusive content, as your way of thanking them for their loyalty."

In addition, keep email content short and sweet. People receive truck-loads of emails per day and may not have the time to read it fully so, as a result, making an email scannable could be a good way to grab their attention.

"Include subheadings and images to guide readers through your email and make it easier to scan, and add a teaser to the top of your newsletter to tell subscribers what's in store. If you're sending a long article, consider inserting a 'read more' link so people can get to the rest when it's convenient for them," adds Lee.

Finally, send content that can be shared with friends, family or colleagues. By adding a Twitter share or Facebook like to an email, content can go even further than just the recipient.


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