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Are you making the most of the triggered campaigns tool?

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The BrotherMailer system allows you to set up what we call Triggered sends. This is a powerful targeted tool that when used properly will boost your conversions. Triggered campaigns can be based around many different variables - customers’ birthdays, what they last purchased or expressed preferences.

You can set up triggered campaigns for pretty much anything you like as long as you have the data, or a way to collect the data. For example, ask your subscribers their DOB when they opt in and you can email them wishing them a happy birthday.

Or an Insurance company may add in the data of when a customers insurance runs out, and then your system will automatically send out a message at 30days prior, then 14 days, 7 days and on the day it needs renewing.

It is not as complicated as you may first anticipate, firstly you just need to build the email like you would any other, in the what you see is what you get EasyEditor. Use the ‘Edit Settings’ option to set your campaign to ‘triggered’, ensure that you have the correct date field in your contacts address book that will fire your trigger off, then go into triggered campaigns and set the rules for when the trigger should be released.

You can also use triggers as reminders. For example, you send out a campaign with a special offer and an end date, you can set a trigger to send a reminder email to all openers, maybe a week before the offer runs out and then again 2 days before it runs out. This really does work, set it up and watch your return on investment fly.


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