Friday, 12 October 2012 11:04

Subject lines offer effective testing value

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Email marketing expert Remi Bergsma has outlined the importance of subject lines and how much of a difference they can make to campaigns, reports.

Bergsma explained that whilst the most important aspect of an email is the main body, subject lines often determine whether users will click through and read it in the first place. Furthermore, the ability to test it effectively allows small businesses to monitor their subject lines and optimise them to target users in the best way possible.

This testing has been given a new lease of life with the advent of mobile, Bergsma claims, which has given marketers even more space to experiment with their offerings.

With around one in five emails now being opened on mobile devices, marketers are now giving thought to subject lines which would best attract this market. Short and concise ones, for example, are more likely to be rendered in full on the smaller mobile screens, as opposed to long-tail headings - which may see a large part of the message cut from the end.

Likewise, symbols and tone of voice can be freer on mobile devices, with more conversational and colloquial content often succeeding more on mobile than it would for desktop users.

Noting the surge in mobile, Bergsma told "This asks for a different approach in email design and experience - not just because of different screen resolutions, but also the way of navigating.

"Email is great as a channel for this as it can be personalised, correctly timed and targeted to reach the right audience. Once set up correctly, it will people those people coming back who you might have lost without it as a client or visitor."

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