Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:19

Remail. A perfect example of how powerful email marketing really is.

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

The majority of my blogs are mostly tips and techniques that will help you benefit all you can from your email marketing campaigns. What not many of them contain the praise of email marketing. Which is a crime. I think that we all take it very much for granted. The ROI is in most cases incredible and ok maybe it’s not such a great idea in the long run but the more you send the more money you make, its simple.

Being a senior account manager here at BrotherMailer I see first hand on a day-to-day basis how well it works.

A great example of a tool that really does work is ReMail. A non-opener is not a lost cause. There’s a wide variety of reasons why an email is not opened.

Lets say for example you send out 20,000 emails and get reasonable open rate of 25%. Out of the 15k that didn’t open, around 25% of them would be highly interested in the email, but just received it at an inconvenient time. So if you send out a ReMail at a different time on a different day what would happen?

Well lets say that 75% of the 25% that would have been interested in your email but received it at a time that wasn’t suitable, this time opened it up.

And that 10% of the people who were not particularly interested the first time, are now pretty interested and opened it up this time.

That is an extra 4750 opens that have been created just by hitting that Remail button.

Now. Just to get to the button of all of this lets say that 20% of these recipients click through to your website and have a browse and from this 950 a mere 10% actually purchase something (2.1% of openers). That is 95 purchases that have been made that wouldn’t have been made without Remail.

And that ladies and gents is a perfect example of how powerful email marketing is. The figures that I used there were by no means exaggerated or unrealistic and we have just created 95 online purchases from sending 15,000 emails, which costs around £170.