Getting a great deliverability rate and an even better open rate.

Written by  Thursday, 28 June 2012 08:54

For you to get the most out of an Email Marketing campaign, first of all you need to make sure that your campaign is getting through all of the aggressive spam filters.  These aggressive spam filters work in a simple way, for everything that they see that they don’t like, they will give you some points, if you get too many points then it will be classed as spam and only reach the junk box, or worse not get in at all. These aggressive spam filters work in a very simple manner, your message receives a score and is marked down for any spam-like elements.  Too high a score and your message will be sent to the junk folder, or even worse, bounced straight out by the server.

There are many factors that can possibly increase you score but in this blog I am going to point out the main 5 and how to get around them.

1.    The subject line – there are certain things that spam filters do not like seeing in a subject line, the main one being the word ‘FREE’ and the other being any sort of price. An example of a bad subject line would be ‘Get the Cheapest product Free when you spend £40 or more’

A subject line that will gain you no ‘points’ would be personalised to the sender and would just be a brief summary in one sentence on what the email is about.

2.    The file size of the email is also important. Most Professional Email Platforms  such as BrotherMailer UK, recommend that you are not to exceed 100KB, this is not essential but if your campaign does exceed this, you need to make sure that there is an even amount of text and pictures.

As the spam filters do not like emails that are all pictures and this will gain you a lot of ‘points’.

3.    The content of the text is where you can pick up most of your ‘points’…
A few little mistakes can determine whether or not your email marketing campaign gets through to your customers. Simple things such as keeping the same font throughout, keeping the same font size and colour, not using Bold or CAPITAL words or sentences half way through a paragraph. All of these factors are really frowned upon by the spam filters.

4.    With regards to linking you DO NOT want to put the URL in the email, all you need is a simple click here. It looks better, its more effective, and it will not get a red flag.

5.    Unusual content, i.e. things that you wouldn’t write in a formal letter/email will always get a telling off. For example, numerous symbols  or exaggerated exclamation marks.

Think about these five main points next time you are designing your campaign to guarantee a great deliverability and open rate.


Mitch O'Callaghan is the UK Sales Manager here at BrotherMailer, and spends his time talking to Email Marketeers, finding out what's new and what's old, what works, what doesn't, and ensuring BrotherMailer users get the best results.

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