Written by  Mitch O'Callaghan Monday, 11 June 2012 12:05

Email marketing works. I know that it does, if you're reading this blog, the chances are that you know that it does.

The trouble is that the majority of the small to medium businesses out there, do not know enough about it to enjoy the benefits.
My name is Mitch and I am an account manager at BrotherMailer, At the end of last weeks I called one of my clients to check everything is ok because he hadn’t sent for over a week, and the reply I got was nice to hear, but it didn’t surprise me. He said that they had all been so busy processing orders, know one has had time to build their next campaign.
They have actually sold more in the last 3 months then in a whole year prior to Email Marketing with BrotherMailer.
If only more small to medium businesses knew of these results. 
I plan to inform them all and get them involved so that they too can enjoy watching their figures go up.
My plan is to offer anyone a completely free package called ‘Freemium’, where the client will receive completely free access to our leading system and will also get 1000 free emails a month for a whole year.
The plan is for these non-paying clients to realise just what email marketing can do for their company, then hopefully their lists will grow and they will want to start sending more then 1000 emails, but until then there will be no charge at all.
So there really nothing to loose for the companies that I am targeting. 
It also pretty much guarantees to improve/increase/grow new or old businesses.

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