Email Marketing: Make Your Website Work For You

Written by  Monday, 31 October 2011 14:26

Submitting a few web pages to the search engine is easy. But what’s next? How can you make your brand new website work for you if you don’t know anything about online marketing must-dos? Is it possible to make your website work around the clock and encourage numerous customers to opt in with stiff competition on the market? A bit of effort goes a long way so make sure you get email marketing right if you want your online campaign to be a success. The article below may help you find out more on the subject without having to look through dozens of web pages. 

What is an effective online campaign?

First of all, analyse what your objectives are. If you want your email marketing campaign to generate traffic towards your website and boost return on investment, make sure it’s properly targeted. According to online marketing experts, email can be better targeted and measured than conventional direct mail so have it professionally tailored. If managed properly, your email campaign can help you encourage hundreds of customers to become opt-in subscribers and make that final purchase click, even though organising an email campaign is much cheaper than using printed, radio and television advertising. If managed badly, your email marketing campaign is unlikely to increase your client database as there are lots of companies out there struggling to get the potential customer on the hook.

You only have one chance – don’t miss it

Hundreds of emails end up in spam folders because of being badly managed. Basically, you have only one chance to encourage the potential customer to open your targeted email and read on. Unless the subject line is catchy and the content is engaging, you are running the risk of getting your email marked as spam and deleted forever. High-impact emails are professionally tailored. They are beautifully designed and packed with succinct, relevant information about the upcoming sales, special offers, promotional giveaways and online competitions. Properly written messages are easy to read, with bullet points, line breaks and a simple font, so the potential customer doesn’t have to work hard looking through them. If email templates are professionally tailored, your email marketing campaign can help you considerably increase your customer database.

Clever targeting and analysis

Even if your special offers and catchy subject lines are likely to make certain email recipients mark out your company as one worth dealing with, it doesn’t mean that the same email can be sent to all potential buyers. Proper targeting can make all the difference to your email marketing campaign so make sure you are aware of the client’s interests and needs. Online surveys are perfect for receiving all the necessary information on your website visitors so analyse these data properly to upgrade the information you have about your targeted audience. Effective campaign analysis tools and charts are also a great way to make your campaign as sharp as possible.

The bottom line is that professional email marketing goes a long way, despite the tough competition on the web. Make sure your campaign is properly targeted and email templates are professionally designed to get the customer on the hook.