Email marketing - Butter me up for brand loyalty

Written by  Wednesday, 13 April 2011 15:47

I should have seen the incentive coming…but it was my birthday and I wanted to feel special… so I took the bait. 

'It' was an email coupon for a 50% discount...I only went in for a quote, but the attention made me feel appreciated, and so I permitted myself to be impulsed into spending out (the price of a ticket to somewhere hot and sunny) on a haircut - all this because the smartphone in my pocket said my salon remembered my birthday.

Would I have gone for a quote without the incentive? No. Would I have even thought about getting a haircut? Probably not. Did I know it was a blatant marketing tactic to get me to spend far more than I would otherwise? Yes. Will I go back? …Yes! After all, they followed up with a 10% discount offer on my next visit, how could I refuse?

Good email marketing platforms allow you to capture subscriber data upon sign up, such as birthday/age/interest information, using a branded survey or bespoke signup form. This data can be used to automatically generate (trigger) email messages at significant dates, in order to make your subscribers feel special, appreciated and most importantly, loyal to your brand. Include a call to action in your triggered email and you are likely to see a particularly high response rate. A blog I read recently quoted:

 “Happy Birthday emails from Epson produce 840% more revenue per email than the overall email program”.* 

Who knows how true or accurate that figure is, all I know is, triggered email or SMS campaign loyalty incentives work on me as well as for me, and from what friends and colleagues are saying, triggered campaigns are working elsewhere too. 


*Source: John Sheridan on April 13, 2011