Email Marketing and Social Sharing

Written by  Mitchell O´Callaghan Saturday, 10 March 2012 10:38

Hey, My name is Mitch and I have been working for BrotherMailer for 2 months now. I am an account manager that tries get to involved with help and support as much as I can. I work very closely with all of my clients, making sure that they are getting everything that they can out of email marketing.

In the next couple of months I will be putting together a series of blogs that will help people like you make your campaigns stronger.

In this blog I will be talking about social media, how to mix it best with email marketing and how mixing the two can project your campaign and build bigger, better lists.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is a link that automatically posts a web-based version of your email on the recipients social network, and in one click. This allows them to share your content with their connections therefore enlarging your audience.

Using Social media links within your email campaign

People love to share! So help them do it….this way your audience is not just the size of your list, its is possibly multiple times larger.


Social Media Links.

Social media links are small icons or sometimes just text links that can link your businesses social page to encourage more followers.

How can they help you?

The most valuable customers are the ones that have subscribed to your email communications, as they are the ones that have given consent. These subscribers are used to getting an email a month to be kept updated, or new offers on a product they have shown interest in, but when they are bombarded with more then 2 a week from every website that they have visited in the last month, it leads to them unsubscribing. Where-as it is just more accepted if they are contacted twice a week through social media, which gives the opportunity to build a better relationship.

If you can get email subscribers to follow you socially as well, then you are laughing.

Where in your campaign to use them?

Put them where most visible, whack them right at the top of the email

Why use them?

It’s a given that the majority of your customers friends have a similar interest to them…. And you have spent a lot of time building a lovely looking email with good, witty content. By adding social sharing to your email you are magnifying your audience, which makes each send multiple times stronger.

How to use them?

In BrotherMailers new EasyEditor templates, social sharing is now even easier to add to your email campaign.

Click social sharing, which is on the left hand side, simply drag and drop into the area that you want to place the links. Click ‘click here and choose which social networks you want to include.


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