Don't be scared of Metrics when email marketing

Metrics in email marketing.
Reacting to them to improve your campaigns…

It doesn’t matter whether you love numbers or despise them, to analyse your email marketing campaigns, you will need to spend some time looking at them, In order to improve your campaigns.

If you’re a metrics lover then you will enjoy going into the further detail looking at Google analytics, but if you’re not a metrics lover, then is more then enough metrics to study in your reporting system.

If this is you and you have no intention of logging into Google analytics I will give you a basic over view of what  the key points and how you can take the results and react to them to improve your campaigns.

Lets start with the basics…

These are the first metrics that you come across when you log in to your BrotherMailer reporting section. They are easy to understand and give a good indication of how your emails are performing in terms of reaching and engaging your customers.

Open Rate:
•    The open rate is how many times an email was actually opened. BrotherMailer Reporting will give you a percentage and an amount of emails, for example, you send out 12,000 emails, our advanced reporting system will tell you that 27% and 3240 of your customers opened the email.
This provides an indication as to how well you are being recognised by your recipients.
To improve open rates the recipient needs to recognise and trust the friendly from name and be interested in the subject line, an intriguing question or an enticing benefit works best.

Unique user click through:
•    The unique user click through is how many people actually clicked a link or a picture in the email and went through to the website. So if out of them 3240 recipients that opened the email 30% clicked through to the website that’s 972 people. This will give you an idea which parts of your email are most popular with your customers. So the next campaign you send out you can tailor what your customers want to see.

•    There are three types of removes, Hard bounces, Soft bounces and Unsubscribe. Hard bounces means that the account or domain no longer exists, a Soft bounce is when the email is sent, processed but not actually delivered, usually due to a temporarily unavailable server, if this happens 10 times our system will automatically take the contact off of your list but will let you know also, an unsubscribe is a contact that has chosen to unsubscribe themselves. Watch these metrics closely as they can make you aware how relevant/irrelevant your content is and if your are emailing your customers too regularly.

These are the first metrics that you will come across once logged in to the BrotherMailer advanced reporting section and using just these alone you can really improve your email campaign as a whole but reacting to what the metrics are telling you.