BrotherMailer email marketing software for Charities

Written by  Tuesday, 05 July 2011 12:15

Simple to set up, user friendly, powerful and efficient…
BrotherMailer charity email marketing is used to build, manage and send charity email campaigns while delivering The best value for money and ROI in email marketing.

Use BrotherMailer charity email marketing to:

 • Get all the latest email marketing tools at a specially reduced charity email marketing rate.
 • Send daily, weekly, monthly and triggered emails or ad hoc emails to your supporters.
 • Produce statistical reports and analysis at the click of a mouse
 • Optimise the efficiency of your financial and people resources with in-depth reporting and analysis tools.
 • See where when and how your campaigns are opened and read - design campaigns specifically for regions, smartphones, PC's or triggered events!
 • Integrate BrotherMailer with your CRM for maximum time saving and money saving impact on your resources


BrotherMailer charity email marketing provides:

 • Free technical support from your dedicated account manager
 • Free email templates - 100's of designs to choose from
 • Free training for all staff
 • Free refresher courses available
 • Free quick start guides
 • Free white paper resources, articles and advice

BrotherMailer email marketing software has been serving charities for over 8 years. More than 500 charities have used this email marketing software in that time. BrotherMailer offers charities the functionality and services of a full commercial bulk email system but at a price exclusively available to the not for profit sector.

Whether you email campaign is a regular email newsletter, an e-fundraising event or a direct response call to action, BrotherMailer can offer you the people, the platform and the price to build and manage a charity email marketing campaign that delivers.

Email marketing for charities - Campaign development

We are digital specialists with a broad range of expertise in all areas of marketing. The BrotherMailer team are here to help you with strategy development, general email marketing consultancy and integrated/mixed media campaign advice as well as post-campaign analysis. We can also provide a full managed service if required.

Save money with free website design

BrotherMailer charity email marketing software includes Microsite builder tools at no extra cost. You can use the Microsite builder tool to copy and edit exiting pages from the web, with out the need to pay for additional software and without having to pay for website design experts. The Microsite builder tool is so easy to use, you can create campaign splash pages in minutes!

Professional & powerful e-shot technology – with  no hidden costs.
BrotherMailer charity email marketing saves you money, time and valuable human resources!

How much will BrotherMailer charity email marketing cost?

We understand that charities have limited budgets and very specific needs.
Your BrotherMailer account manager can tailor a package to suit your specific needs and work within your budget.
We will create a bespoke package – trim the fat – and make sure that your BrotherMailer package is affordable, transparent and fit for task.
You can be confidant there will be no hidden costs or additional unforeseen charges.

Please contact us today to plan your perfect BrotherMailer charity email marketing campaign package


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