Who are you telling about your holiday plans?

Written by Tuesday, 25 November 2014 10:59

This is an issue that has been on my mind recently, with the onset of Christmas and time for holidays, I see too many people leaving themselves wide open to crime on their social media sites.

It often starts with a countdown, '9 days until the holidays', then tagging themselves at the airport; 'coffee before taking a flight', and then it will be a picture of the victim enjoying an eggnog! I say victim, because how many criminals are already alerted to the fact that your house is empty?

Any restaurant or bar can have a use for email marketing campaigns; they can submit new offers, events or special nights. 

Email marketing can be useful for any company, but here lets look at restaurants.  

1. Customisation; when you send an email to your friends or colleagues, is it usually informal, email marketing messages should be a little like those. Use their names and greetings, Hi John makes much more sense than Dear Sir. With an email marketing platfrom this is very easy to acheive, and lets the customer feel a little more important.

How are your online passwords? Are you protected?

Written by Friday, 17 October 2014 08:58

Today's blog is straying a bit from my usual topics, but I felt it was time we talked about this. 

People are still not using strong passwords for their online accounts. A study has recently shown that the most common password in 2014 was '123456' and that was also the most hacked password. 

Everyone wants a good database, but how can you get one? With the popularity of social networks, it could not be easier. 

Using a marketing system such as the BrotherMailer platform, you can create a survey asking everything you want to know about your customers, and then you can publish it to any profile, page or group you have in your social networks. 

Using Facebook as a business, what not to do

Written by Wednesday, 08 October 2014 08:55

I am sure you are aware by now of the recent clamp down by Facebook on businesses using personal timelines, however this is not a change in practise, it has always been the case, it is just being more strictly enforced right now.

If you have a personal timeline in the name of a business, you are at high risk of losing it and all your contacts.  You need to change the name of the account to your own name as it appears on your identity card, otherwise Facebook are quite likely to turn it into a ‘business page’.  The rules on this are very strict but not complicated.

Why do I need an email marketing system?

Written by Friday, 17 May 2013 10:48

Every type of business can use email marketing in some form or another. It can be used to create a monthly newsletter to let your customers know what you are doing, or it can be a message every week with new deals and it can even be used to send reminders to clientes that the renewal date of their insurance police is approaching.

Email Marketing No-No's

Written by Thursday, 19 September 2013 11:54

What not to do!

When executed properly, email marketing works. It’s tried tested and proven

But there are still many companies out there that are doing it so wrong. And it’s because of those companies that a lot of people still believe the email marketing and spam is the same thing.

An easy to use email marketing editor

Written by Friday, 10 May 2013 14:01

The BrotherMailer email marketing design editor for campaigns is one of the easier to use models that exists in the market today.

Using building blocks and the mouse to drag and drop, you can create a professional campaign in just a few minutes.

Today I will explain the basics of the system so that you can start your first campaign right now.

Every restaurant and bar has a use for email marketing campaigns, albeit sending an email about new deals, events at the location or special nights.

Email marketing can be useful for any company, but today we are going to look at how in can be used in the hostelery sector. I am going to give you some tips to improve your restaurant campaigns.

1. Customization, when you send an email to your friends or colleagues, you probably make it informal, email marketing messages should be a bit like that. Use their names and greetings, Hello John has a much better feel thant Dear Sir. With any good email marketing programme, it is very easy to do these steps, and let the customer feel a little more important.

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