SOAP Interface

The BrotherMailer API uses a SOAP interface and is remarkably easy to use. You can find out details on the methods at If you have had no experience of using SOAP you can look at some of the following links:

You can use the API however you wish, whether it be synchronising to your CRM, uploading and sending campaigns, advanced data management, etc. This document will show you how to use the methods with C#, PHP, and classic ASP.

The username and password you need to use for the API has to be a managed login; you can create one of these within your BrotherMailer account. When you login into your account, you can go to the “My Account” section in the top right of your screen 

My account

Click on manage users:

Manage users

And click “add new” and you will see this screen

Add new

You need to make sure the API Access permission is selected, and then save the account.

You will then be able to use these details to login to the API.

The API can be used for many different purposes; the main one will be contact management. To learn how to use the functions within the API you will need to know the structure of the objects, most notably the contact object which looks like:

Contact object

This is a standard type of SOAP object, having normal datatypes within it. The only part of this which may prove complex is the datafields - values fields. This is because they are flexible types. Because of this you will need to specify the type of value you are passing through. You will see how to do this below in the code examples.

You will not be able to used standard matched pairs through HTTP posts to use the API as the data structures are hierarchical/nested.

You can see the other data structures at

The best way to learn to use the API is through examples.