Using split line testing

BrotherMailer includes a split-testing tool which enables you to test more than one subject line in a campaign. BrotherMailer will analyse which line is performing the best and send the rest of your email sends using that subject line. This lets you test and maximise your open rates using the best performing subject line.

To use split testing, open your campaign in My Campaigns by clicking on the edit pencil. Next, click the ‘edit settings’ link towards the top right of your screen – this will open your campaign settings window, as shown below:

Enter the first Subject line you want to test and then click on the button. A second subject line box will appear as shown below:

You can now enter your second subject line. You can continue to add further subject lines by using the button. To delete a subject line, click on the button.

Complete the remainder of your campaign settings in the normal manner.

Sending your Campaign using split testing

Sending a campaign using split testing is the same process as sending  a single subject line campaign. Select the Send option alongside the campaign and specify the address book and/or segmentation query to use for the campaign. The Campaign Send Options screen is displayed:

When multiple subject lines have been entered, an additional section is shown on this screen under the heading Split-Testing.

Specify how many contacts you wish to send the split to, using either the slider bar or by typing in a percentage, i.e. 5%.

Specify how many hours delay you require between the split testing and the remainder of your campaign being released.

Finally, specify which metric you wish to measure when recording responses. This is a drop-down field and there are two options: Opens or Clicks.

A Summary at the bottom of the screen displays the options you have selected:

Click on the Next Step button and continue to process your campaign in the normal manner.
Your campaign will appear in the “Outbox” tab of the Campaigns Screen:

If you wish to cancel your split testing, click on the Split Testing icon   in the Status column.

Once your split testing has been completed, the campaign will appear on the Sent tab. You can then review your results in the reporting area in the normal manner. An example is shown below:

In this particular campaign, three subject lines have been split-tested. The subject line that performed the best is marked with  

BrotherMailer will send the balance of your campaign after the time gap you entered has elapsed. The campaign will be sent using the subject line with the most success. If both subject lines return exactly the same results, then BrotherMailer will choose the first subject line by default.