Using public address books and contact data fields in your campaigns

Your contacts access public address books and contact data fields by using the “Want to unsubscribe or change your details?” link that you should put in your email campaigns.

Create or edit your campaign in the normal manner, using the button to insert the unsubscribe link into your template. The default text inserted is “Want to unsubscribe or change your details”? as shown below.

This default text lets your contacts know that this link can be used not only for unsubscribing from your campaigns but can also be used to change their details.

Proceed with your campaign creation, testing and sending in the normal manner.

When your recipients clink on the link they are presented with the following screen.

The contact enters the email address that the email was sent to and clicks on the Submit button.
The following screen is now displayed to the contact.

If the recipient does not want to receive any more emails from you then they simply click the button.

Within the “Your details” section, the contact can edit not only their email address and preferred email format but also any custom data fields you have set as public.

Within the “Your address books” section, the contact can see the campaigns they are subscribed to. They can subscribe or unsubscribe to a campaign by using the checkboxes alongside each address book:

If they check a box they are not currently subscribed to, i.e. Monthly Newsletter, then BrotherMailer will automatically update the relevant address book with the recipient’s email address.

The contact clicks on the button to save any changes and leave this screen.