Adding custom fields to address books

Custom data fields can be added to address books to capture and/or contain additional information about your contacts. The more useful data you can collect on your contacts, the more you can segment, target and personalise your campaigns and generate better response rates.

There is no limit on the number of custom data fields you can create and when you create a custom data field it is added to all the address books in your account. This way, all your address books maintain the same structure.

To add a custom field to an address book, select the option Contacts from the left-hand navigation pane.

From the sub-menu displayed, select the option Contact Data Fields.

A list of the Contact data fields already created are displayed in a list. The data fields FIRSTNAME, FULLNAME and LASTNAME are created automatically by BrotherMailer.

To create a new field, click on the button and the Create data label window is displayed:

Follow these steps to set-up your new data field:

  1. Name: Enter a unique name for this new data field. You cannot use spaces between words when creating a Name for a new field. See example below, our Name is “Purchased Before” but we have entered this as “Purchased-Before”.
  2. Data Type: This is a drop-down box, you have the choice of “Text,” “Numeric”, “Date/Time” and “Yes/No”. Make your selection as appropriate.
  3. Default Value: You can enter a default value for the data field in the event that it is not populated as a result of the uploading of your data. For example, if this was a “Yes/No” data type, you might default the value to “No”.
  4. Access: These radio buttons determine who has access to updating this field.
    a. This data label is public – this will allow your contacts to view/amend data you hold on them in this field.
    b. This data label is private – this will allow only users of your BrotherMailer account to view/amend data held in this field.

When you have completed the screen, click on . The newly created field now appears on your Contacts: Data fields screen. You can view the details of the field by clicking on the icon.